Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: A Must Have

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June 6, 2016
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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: A Must Have

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: A Must Have

It’s nearly summer, and with hotter weather on tap, and no rain in the forecast, our attention turns to motorbikes. Just remember that in Texas, motorcycle insurance coverage isn’t a luxury– it’s a necessity.

What’s Required

Texas requires ALL drivers to be able to provide financial proof of responsibility. Auto insurance carriers often provide motorcycle insurance coverage as either a stand-alone policy or an endorsement to a personal car insurance policy.

Options vs. Obligations

Texas requires motorcyclists to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, to pay for bodily injury and property damage expenses caused to other people involved in an accident. There are other ways to show financial responsibility beside having insurance, but you generally have to be financially able to pay for the accident yourself to do this. When insuring your bike, you are only required to carry full insurance coverage if you have a lineholder.

In addition, uninsured/underinsured (UI/UIM) motorist protection is optional but highly recommended, as part of a motorcyclist’s insurance policy to cover costs for damage caused by another driver who either does not have coverage, or whose insurance is inadequate.

What’s the Cost

Prices aren’t as large an obstacle as bike customers might think. It’s essential that every biker have motorcycle insurance coverage with both uninsured motorist benefits and underinsured motorist benefits. This is the best way to shield yourself in the event a negligent driver with no insurance, or with low policy limits, cause serious injuries to a biker in an accident. Because so many motorists are underinsured or uninsured, the coverage is inexpensive and necessary.

Count on devoting several hundred dollars per year on motorcycle insurance coverage, depending on your perceived level of risk, age, driving record, and the type of bike you ride. Many of our carriers offer discounts for taking a motorcycle safety course.

Talk to us today, and protect yourself and your bike, with a solid insurance policy.
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