Living the Life: Domicile RV

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October 5, 2016
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Living the Life: Domicile RV

How to Choose A Domicile State

Perhaps it was that last vacation, perhaps you are just ready for a change in lifestyle, or perhaps you just want to live where the weather is great all the time. If you plan to start living full time in an RV, you may want to change your address to somewhere in Texas.

In fact, most RVers call one of these three states home, Texas, Florida, or South Dakota (South Dakota, must be a summer default because Texas and Florida are just too hot in the summer.)

Now as Texans we already know it’s the best place to be. But for those less fortunate, here is a great reason to make your RV domicile the State of Texas. You see, Texas has no state income tax and your driver’s license can be renewed remotely. Further there is a flat annual vehicle inspection rate and insurance rates are good.

What do you need to establish residency in Texas?

First, you need a physical address. This can be established by arranging for a mailbox at a place like the UPS store. There are also services through memberships like the Escapee’s that offer you the ability to easily set up a mailing address and forwarding service.

Establish an address

  • Get a driver’s license
  • Register all vehicles
  • Reside at least 30 days
  • Register to vote

Regardless of the state you choose; RV insurance will be a huge part of the domicile puzzle. If you plan to be a full timer, you will need full time coverage. You’ll also need to make sure you have the coverage you need, should you run into trouble on the road.

Once you have chosen a home state, likely Texas, it’s important to research what steps you need to take in order to establish residency. In most cases this requires a permanent address, which can be as easy as getting a UPS Store mailbox, or USPS PO Box, and hiring a forwarding service. You will also need to register to vote, register your car and figure out your health insurance. Be sure to allow yourself time to hang out in your new state. It is much easier to establish your residence by actually being physically present.

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