Insuring Teen Drivers

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August 11, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Insuring Teen Drivers

Like many parents, my thoughts are turning to back-to-school and back-to-school shopping. You might find that your shopping list has a couple of new items this year; a car and insurance. As parents, we are aware that our role as daily chauffer may be ending once our kids reach 16 and become teen drivers.

According to national averages, adding a teenager to your auto insurance policy, increases rates by a whopping 79%.

Unfortunately, the Teen drivers have earned the increases through poor driving statistics.  Some others facts to keep in mind as a parent:

  • A son may increase your costs by as much as 92%
  • A daughter can raise your rates by 67%

Need some good news?

As parents, we understand the risks associated with driving and probably understand why rates go up.  However, your Teen can save you cash by being a good student and staying clean of incidents.

The hefty 16-year old increase tends to drop annually with a study showing the increase at only 58% by age 19.  Of course, this assumes a perfect driving record!

If you want a strategy for lowering the costs to insure your teen driver, you may want to consider a “usage based” Auto Insurance policy. These programs allow companies to track your driving habits and can lead to significant discounts, especially if you’re a safe driver who doesn’t rack up too many miles.

You can work with Lifelong Insurance to learn about all the ways to control the cost of insuring your teen driver and ways to instill good driving habits from Day One!

We can’t avoid the teen driver increases, but we can make sure your insurance plan is with the best possible option for your teenager. Alternatively, it is never too late to teach them how to ride a bike.

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