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For many Texans, auto insurance is an expensive purchase. To make an informed decision you need to learn as much as you can about the factors that affect the price, the different amounts of coverage available, and state requirements.

Auto Insurance Factors

There are a range of factors that influence auto insurance costs, such as the type of auto you operate and the level of coverage you’d like or need. Naturally, high priced vehicles with lesser deductibles will spend more for collision coverage. Additionally, safer vehicles are frequently less expensive to cover, while antique or vintage vehicles have their own unique needs. Individuals who drive less typically spend less. In addition, your driving history, age, marital status, location, and insurance score may also affect the rate.

Insurance Discounts

Several auto insurance carriers provide discounted rates for members of certain groups, like the US military and veterans, colleges, teacher’s associations, AARP, senior citizens, and some community organizations. Many occupations can also get discounts, such as nurses, doctors, federal and state employees.

Additional savings apply when policies are paid in full, auto-debited from your bank, or if you take a defensive driver course. You can also benefit from having anti-lock brakes, a car alarm, or simply being a low mileage driver.

Some of our carriers offer special programs for teens or drivers in need of an SR-22. Talk to us about your families needs, we’ve got you covered for life.

Usage-Based Programs and Discounts

Looking for a new way to save money on auto insurance? Carriers are putting you in the driver seat to determine your rate. Carriers are offering an insurance policy program in which you can get an individualized premium by allowing the car insurance company to examine your driving habits. Based on your driving habits, you could get a savings of 30% or more.

When you enroll in a usage-based auto insurance program, you’ll be asked to connect a small telematic unit to your vehicle that monitors:

How you drive, such as:

  • How many miles you drive
  • The time of day/night you drive
  • How hard you brake
  • How rapid you accelerate

Basically, a usage-based program offers the driver a chance to get a customized discount; the better your driving, the bigger your savings.* In most cases, you will receive a discount just to enter the program, and then receive additional discounts for good driving.

Could This Program Actually Increase My Rates?

Your auto insurance costs shouldn’t increase due to taking part in a usage-based program. Most vehicle insurance companies state that the program is simply used to calculate your discount — not to raise your rates.

Extra Benefits for Parents of Teen Drivers

If you are the parent of a young driver, these usage programs can be especially beneficial. Since the monitoring unit in the car logs the habits of the driver and provides you access to the information, you can keep an eye on your teen’s driving for any unsafe habits and correct them before an unfortunate collision occurs.

Qualifying for a Usage-Based Insurance Program

Terms of usage-based programs depend on your insurance company. Additionally, your auto will need to meet some requirements in order to mount the telematics device.

In most cases, you plug the unit into your car’s onboard diagnostic port (OBD-II port), typically situated near the steering column below your dashboard. Automobiles produced since the mid-1990’s normally have this port and can be fitted with a telematics device.

If you are interested in a usage based program, make sure you speak at length with Lifelong Insurance. To learn more about the details, requirements, and potential savings, call (469) 606 4590.

*Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Total savings may vary depending on the coverages purchased. Discount applies to the vehicle’s base coverage only. Discounts and savings available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state.

Accidents Happen

We hope that you’ll never need to use your auto policy.  If you do, Lifelong Insurance will individually walk you through the process to get your claim handled promptly and quickly. If there’s one good thing that comes out of the experience, it will be working with us.

Free Online Insurance Quotes

Don’t be misguided by online insurance firms that promise lower auto insurance prices. Getting rates online may appear easy, but they may leave you vulnerable to coverage gaps and over-payments. Speaking to David or Diona enables you to ask questions and receive quotes for insurance coverage that matters most to you.

Teaming up with Lifelong Insurance Agency, assures that you receive the very best auto insurance prices in Texas without compromising customer service. David Izquierdo and Diona Irish personally answer the phones and will happily  assist you in finding the auto insurance packages that are affordable and comprehensive. As independent agents, they’ll shop the market for you and give you access to several reputable providers so you’re not restricted to only one company, one policy, or one cost.

Lifelong Insurance Service

With Lifelong , you can expect real people to be on your side. Let us show you just how affordable auto insurance can be, and you don’t have to sacrifice anything! Call today to discuss your car and truck coverage needs.

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